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From the highway-side in Renfrew, last weekend

[personal profile] random, [personal profile] metawidget, rottenfruit and sleepy baby Oscar are pulled over on the roadside in Renfrew for a routine-ish traffic stop. [personal profile] random has one of those fun Ontario graduated licenses that requires a fully-licensed driver in the front passenger seat (which happens to describe [personal profile] metawidget).
Nice OPP officer
I'm going to need to see your license, as the driver's license is a G1.
[personal profile] metawidget
(pulls out license) Here.
Nice OPP officer
Hey, that's a female's license!
[personal profile] metawidget
No, that's me with long hair.
Nice OPP officer

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dagibbs June 6th, 2011

cjmr June 6th, 2011
If I ever look like the photo on my license, they should be taking the keys to my car--for some reason they won't let you wear your glasses when you get your photo taken in MA, so my eyes, unable to focus, go all weird, which means I look totally stoned on my ID.

con_girl June 7th, 2011
So, should you wish to be female you would pass?

metawidget June 7th, 2011
I think the problem was that I looked male in person and female on my license, in the dark, to a rushed OPP officer — but I guess if I wanted to pass and had the in-person aspects covered, at least my one-glance ID might hold up…

ironphoenix June 13th, 2011

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