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The week before last, I went to the annual meeting of the SSC and made a short presentation on a statistical disclosure control procedure. The rest of the time, I listened to what other people were up to, met statisticians from near and far, soaked up the conference atmosphere and explored Quebec a bit. I took a few photos on a couple of walks through the older parts of the city and along the riverbank:

a long, low, modern horror of a building, but it's go nice light inside
The building where most of the sessions were

a big red ship, owned by Paul Martin's company
A ship going by on the St. Lawrence

wooden staircase
more wooden staircase
still more wooden staircase
The stairs the British would have loved to have

a robin in a nest under the stairs
Security under the stairs

robin eggs in a nest under the stairs
A runner scared the robin off for a bit

a big red ship in port
The port on the Quebec side of the river

Attention! / Danger de chute / Danger of falling
There were dozens of signs like this, in different colours and sizes, around cliffs, moats and other dangerous things on the Plains of Abraham. I suspect several jurisdictions collaborated.

a grassy moat — maybe a hundred years ago there were sharks?
a gate in a moat with my shadow across it
One moat, part of the Citadelle, which had such signage.

the tower of the National Assembly, silhouetted
The National Assembly.

a squat little cannon
A cannon pointed in the general direction of the National Assembly.

a stone wall with a road running through a gate in it
The city wall.

deceased premier #1
Robert Bourassa, our geekiest-looking premier ever. He had a bas-relief picture of a hydro dam in his hand.

deceased premier #2
Réné Levesque. He's looking like a zombie or a golem here.

deceased premier #3
Jean Lesage. His statue felt tall and fatherly.

sculpture with faces and wings and stuff
A sculpture in tribute to the priests and nuns who were the education system for much of Quebec's history (with decidedly mixed results).

sculpture of a guy balanced on some logs
A sculpture of a logger rolling logs down a river, bursting out of an alley. I was ambushed by several sculptures around the city; I liked that!

scientologists in red shirts
[personal profile] random warned me about scientologist evangelists on the prowl; I found them on the boardwalk (and did my best to stay out of their path, but took a picture — I feel no guilt about putting on my anthropologist cap for a few minutes).

view down the funiculaire
There is an elevator on a slope from the lower city to the walled part of the old city. $2 gets you one way; both ends are basically gift shops but the view is nice, and it's less scary than the windy road down.

Samuel de Champlain's pedestal, with boobies.
Samuel de Champlain gets a pretty exuberant bare-breasted angel with a trumpet guarding his pedestal.

A harlequin-like sculpture, with ribbon
Another sculpture ambush from an alleyway!

A tiled bathroom with an open-topped tap
The very artsy sink at the very tasty Hobbit restaurant (thanks for the recommendation, denkizero: the food was excellent, too!)

A very painted alleyway
This alleyway, leading to the terrasse at the Sacrilège bar, had no sculptures, but the paint job was wild!

Today, Elizabeth's adult students had a recital along with other students from the music school she teaches at. I've heard the piano accompaniment to some of the songs pretty regularly lately; it was fun to hear the students supply the vocals, and put another face or two to names. Afterwards we walked the length of South Keys, getting some pants for me and some food for both of us, and ran into one of my favourite developers and her boyfriend, who were shopping for nice ways to embarrass his daughter at her bachelorette. I like running into people in new contexts; I hope his daughter is ready to deal with realizing that her smiling, grey-haired parent and parent-partner aren't scandalized by verb/body-part dice...

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asimplelife June 7th, 2010
Awesome! I enjoyed the walking tour. Two photos aren't showing up on the LJ post but they are on the DW post.

metawidget June 7th, 2010
I found a couple of HTML typos after posting and fixed them at DW; I imagine the auto-crosspost gremlins are working hard to move the fixes over to LJ soonish...

denkizero June 7th, 2010
Glad you liked it! ...and glad you caught a picture of that sink, I've been trying to explain its intricacies to people at work and they didn't get it at all despite a 3d doodle of it. :)

The sign is so perfect, I want one.

pecunium June 13th, 2010
I will comment to say the cannon is actually a mortar.


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