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good/blah v.20

It's been a little while since I've summarized what's up in point form.

  • Healthy
  • Getting the hang of caring for Oscar and being domestic
  • Put down flagstones in the back yard
  • Gathered a bunch of kale seeds for next year
  • Oscar's first overnight trip to my parents' place went well
  • Pretty prints from visioluxus arrived in the mail on Tuesday
  • Somehow managed to have seven kinds of cake last weekend, over three fun birthday parties
  • Small bits of preparation for Christmas achieved
  • Visiting J&K (and now R) is always nice — and they always shower us with tasty food.
  • Kind of tired and spacey
  • Missing work a little bit
  • Fussy o'clock seems to be a regular occurrence
  • Rapid-fire wet diapers
  • Joints a little achey

[personal profile] commodorified is already jonesing for Oscar pictures, so here is a new one my mum sent me (from our visit this weekend):

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