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Do they know it's Lupercalia?

It's been a pretty revealing day for news.

The CBSA thinks victims don't matter if they're in a women's shelter.

Bev Oda caught trying to sacrifice CIDA minions for her bad decision, delivers non-apology, Cons insist bygones be bygones.

Jason Kenney's family values: we always knew gay people had an exclusion, now we know elderly family of immigrants do, too.

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ilanikhan February 15th, 2011
Sad, all of these.
The Oda one is particularly annoying. There are other ways to have handled that situation, like, oh I don't know 'not' signing the damn memo?

metawidget February 15th, 2011
The attitude in Cabinet seems to be "what else are public servants for than for blaming stuff on?"

This same government wants to get rid of severance pay on resignation, which would make pushing back against minion sacrificing that much harder. Not to mention the virtual cardboard cutout that was our first Integrity Commissioner. This round of public sector bargaining could benefit from some contractual prevention of cruelty to minions.

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