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July into August

Ada is now over two months old! She has been camping, is starting to stick her hands in her mouth, babbles a bit and still sleeps pretty well.

We got in the aforementioned camping at Raven's Knoll for Kaleidoscope Gathering. We've been making it every second year since Viv's birth pre-empted our going in 2012 (we went to Maine for a wedding in 2014) so it'd been a couple of years since we'd been to KG (we'd been to the Knoll in the interim for a smaller festival). Our usual group was in a new camping spot due to the traditional one being cramped by new neighbours, and for us the new spot was better: close to the river and playground, breezy and partly shaded, far from the loud late-night drumming. There was a fire pit a few steps away and good neighbours, too.

Camping with three under five was labour-intensive. Random strangers offered to hold Ada and the parent playground cameraderie was nice, too. Rayne, our semi-official camp leader, really seems to enjoy Oscar and spent lots of time with him. Still, time when Elizabeth and I were both "off-duty" and awake was hard to come by. We mostly took turns doing stuff — workshops, yoga on the beach, wandering, Warrior Circles — with the other watching over 2–3 kids (you can workshop or wander with Ada strapped on, but not whack people with foam weapons or do yoga). Vivien turned three on Sunday but fell asleep before cake — so there were cake, candles and singing Monday morning.

Elizabeth won second place in Women's Warrior Circle, and I made it into round 2 and then threw my shoulder out and stuck it back in, allowing me to try out the KG first aid system — it's kind, firm and well-organized, and [personal profile] commodorified would probably approve of their embrace of KT Tape. The tape does seem to make recovery hurt less.

We got an Infiniti Q50 as a "free upgrade" on our Fest rental. It is a nice cushy car with a lot of engine but the interior space of a Corolla (and quite possibly less trunk). We prioritized our gear and packed the necessities in, but it probably wasn't the ideal car for the trip.

Before KG, we had spent some time at my parents' place with somewhat sick Oscar. We didn't sleep very well but it was still nice to get out there.

Ada has gotten her first round of shots and pediatrician visit — she was relaxed for both. Viv came along for the pediatrician visit and was sweet and watching everything: maybe medical professional is what she'll be when she grows up.

I'm hoping to get a bit more done on the house and grounds this late summer and fall: staining the fence, putting in some raised beds in front and on the side of the house, and getting an electric water heater in to replace our aging oil-fired one. Another project in the next little while will be to help re-elect our MP — Nycole Turmel seems to be a good one and would be even better on the government bench, I'm sure.

We harvested our first zucchini and have been eating lots of garden tomatoes of tiny to middling size. There are some unripe monsters coming…

I feel pretty content lately and settled into the new normal of three little ones and parental leave. I hope the next few months continue this!

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metawidget August 12th, 2015
There is an Ada! She is a cool, solid and precocious baby. Pictures abound on here and rottenfruit.

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