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Sincerely, your something or other.

cc: everyone else.

9 August

Barrie Memorial Hospital, Ormstown, QC, 9th of August 1980. In a hurry (2 hours of labour or thereabouts), but later than the docs had me scheduled. That makes me a metal monkey or a Leo, depending on your preferred flavour of soothsaying.

Now at
Living and working in the National Capital Region: living with my wife rottenfruit, three youg children and two cats, working as a methodologist on health statistics, linking records and doing research and dissemination. More details available from the résumé.

I enjoy being a translator between technical cants, an explainer, a troubleshooter and a jack-of-all-trades. I like art that revels in a few weird restrictions, and/or has a twisted sense of humour. I love my family, including loupdebois and my sister and parents who remain non-LJ people (as far as I know). Not merely not-evil, rottenfruit continues to deepen my understanding of what all the fuss about romantic love is about. I think of potlucks as avenues for creative expression. It takes some convincing to get me to dance in a social setting, but not so much if I'm in my kitchen and life is kicking ass.

In between
Spent early childhood in NDG neighbourhood of Montréal, later childhood and teenage years in Ormstown. Enjoyed school for the most part, represented Ormstown Elementary in basketball, and Math Olympics; did student government, drama and Intellectual Olympics at high school. Had a stable home life in the countryside with animals, space to run around and a seven kilometre ride to the nearest dépanneur (thirteen when I wasn’t old enough to go on the main roads). My post-secondary years were in Montréal at Dawson and Concordia (undergrad and now the beginnings of an M.Sc. with a bunch of research and work in there too), with a stint in the Ottawa-Gatineau area as a co-op student at Statistics Canada, in the Census Research and Geography Methods units.


I try to live by the "if it works for you and nobody gets hurt, great" ethic, which works for me. One of my good deeds to do for this lifetime is to provide backup, consolation or covering fire for someone facing less reasonable attitudes while sorting out their queerness or atheism.

LJ-adminstration: add me if you like, and I'll figure it out soon enough. My friends list is about keeping a bunch of journals that I enjoy reading for whatever reason in easy reach, and for updating people that I feel the need to update on less than world-accessible stuff. I don't announce cuts. Unfriended people are welcome to keep reading. I do use filters and friended posts, but I'll try to make my world-accessible journal interesting.

Currently, this journal is a friends-only mirror of my Dreamwidth of the same name. I use this account for reading and my DW entries pop up here, but the full experience with my current favourite layout an userpics is over there.

If you find yourself getting filtered content that you'd rather not, contact me any way you like and I'll ratchet things down to your liking (within the granularity of my filters).

Friends have my blessing if they want to mess with my entry tags. Please use your powers for good and not for evil (and generally for adding salient tags and correcting typos).

Blood type
O positive

Unscientific (but better than most) nerd summary

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Geek code
Version: 3.12
GM/CS/IT/G/CC/FA d-@ s+: a- C++()$ UB>+++ P+>++ L-() !E W++ !N !o K?
w$(---) O? M++(+)$ V? PS+(++) PE-() Y+ PGP(+)- t* 5 X- R*+ !tv b++>+++
DI(+)(++++) D+@ G e+++ h--->---- r+++ y+++

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